A kotha in that age, especially that of Khanum was not only a cultural hub known for excellence in performing arts but also a temple of learning- learning the art of living. As an inmate of the kotha, little Amiran benefited the most. Khanum gave her the name 'Umrao', Bua Hussaini brought her up in style. Maulvi Sahib imparted education; Khan Sahib initiated her into the world of music while the great Kathak Acharya made her feet move to rhythm. In the company of Bismillah, Khurshid and Gauhar Mirza, Umrao developed varied skills includi" />




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        当Umrao Jaan初来乍到勒克瑙时,她被称为Amiran,一个低下中产阶级家庭的8 岁女儿。她的父亲是法扎巴德' Bahu Begum ka Makhbara '的一个印度陆军尉官,是一个单纯、虔诚的人,并对一个惯犯Dilawar Khan陈述了不利的证词,致使Dilawar被判入狱10 年。 在服完刑期 展开全部